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Date: 2017-02-26 08:32 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] elaphus
elaphus: (What this world is about)

[So you may see a deer. Which considering the wolpertingers have basically eaten every other animal as soon as they are in sight may be quite surprising, but still. It seems to be playing happily with them- or more like, kind of teasing them with his horns and making them follow between the constructions and the trees. It seems to be like a very elaborate game of tag. But hey, the deer is totally having having fun.

For like, 5 minutes until a young man who somehow appears right where the deer disappeared to starts running the hell away from those little cuddly monsters because oooh boy they are hungry and angry now.]


[James has been sick before. Not often, he's rather healthy and his family takes very good care of him... but still. He knows how it is to feel rather under the weather. But this? this is very unlike anything he's been through.]

I'm dying. [He whines to no one in particular after a particularly loud bout of coughing. He's resting on a random couch in what appears to be a pretty big living room, covering himself with blankets he found around.]
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