Date: 2017-02-26 10:15 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] crux_ofmylife
crux_ofmylife: (pic#9456612)
[Harry hears the whine and stops in his tracks. He knows James' voice. He stands there for a few minutes, trying to calm the dual memories he has. The second set, implanted into him for whatever reasons the City's rulers had, are not good. The boy who grew up in that set of memories hates James. One good thing about Snape teaching him (in that same City) how to organize and shut out parts of his mind is that he can push that reaction aside.

It just takes a little bit with James.

When he does, finally, step into the room, his face is neutral. On one hand, he's glad to see James again. On the other, this isn't a place he'd ever want him. And then comes the question if James even knows him yet, if he was born before James was pulled here.]

You're not dying, and if you are, you'll come back in a few days. [He shrugs, staying back a bit in case his father freaks out over a doppelganger appearing.] Places like this are a step away from Hell.

[sorry got rambly on you]
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