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[When Sebastian's managed, sort of, to claw his way out through the sack, he emerges, slightly terrified he's been kidnapped by someone willing to go to the same means to depose him that they went through for his parents, but he's mostly...pissed, and more than slightly, that he's been kidnapped by someone willing to go to those same means. Not Now with Starkhaven in a period of rebuilding after the Inquisition, not NOW, with a changed world before him and much to navigate, and not NOW, with so much he has left undone.

With a mightly tug, and swipe of the knife, the burlap's finally come off and he's glaring around the strange room, looking for some source of lighting when he sees no torches, trying to pat his mused hair into some kind of order, though he's giving up on that, and stumbling to his feet at last, looking very confused indeed.]

What? [The Starkhaven in his voice is stronger than ever, the accent tending to come more in times when he's stressed or worried, or just plain tired.] Sure there's someone who can tell me what's about then, eh?
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