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spring test drive meme!


*Assume that your character has had a little bit of time here, enough to get used to a halfway-underground (mostly) abandoned city.

*anything tagged with a # is an exploradora thread. If you ask, the mods will guide your character on an Adventure! (adventure may involve mortal peril)

*You can assume they were chosen by one of the following emblems, or they've managed to dodge their control:
Zmey: The angriest of snakes. Hates everything and pretty much wants to fight it all. Especially the characters.
Firebird: Over-enthusiastic peacock nerrrrrrd who keeps "losing" her chosen to her quest for knowledge.
Sirin: A skull-faced eagle owl who curses like a sailor, is done with the character's shit, and really wishes they'd just stop bugging her.
Alkonost: A fluffy barn owl who doesn't seem to mind that she's been impaled with an arrow here and there. Caring, but in the way that a loved one really wants you to donate your kidney to uncle albert.
Cikavac: Calm, patient, Cicavac is a shoebill that only cares about how useful someone is to him. But he delivers on what he says and at least he's cordial about it so... there's that?
Gamayun: Like someone took part of the Lutece twins, shoved them into a pair of ravens, and showed them every possible future. So- Jaded, smug, know-it-alls with horrible humor. Or they're just horrible in general.
Simargl: Some sorta dog-eagle hybrid who acts as though he's the only one with common sense. I mean he might be, but he's also really into survivalist shit so…


A) It's a dark and stormy night. Okay, well, it’s dark and cold; but that might be because you're in a burlap sack. A little bit of light filters through despite that, enough to find that someone has helpfully provided a small knife for your escape.

Whoever it is seems to have some sense of decency, if that's any help. If you happened to be dead or grievously wounded wherever you came from, those wounds have healed. Not completely, of course, but enough so that death is no longer imminent. You find that you're in the lobby of a dated apartment building, furnishings sparse and severe-looking. There is very little natural light, save for holes in the ceiling, very high above you. Perhaps you should look around. Maybe there are others in the same situation nearby. Or, at least, people that might be able to help explain some things. #

B) One might happen to notice a plethora of cute little winged bunnies about the apartments. They’re very friendly-looking, and are liable to follow people around in search of cuddles. Or food. Mostly food. Wolpertingers, like their bunny counterparts, tend to multiply fairly quickly. The problem is, with multiplication comes the need for more food, and these bunnies look hungry enough to eat most anything. Possibly even things that bunnies wouldn’t normally be expected to eat. (There is, after all, a suspicious lack of plant-life around. More likely, it’s been devoured already.)

C) If you’ve spent too much time around those friendly little rabbits, you might find yourself coming down with a curious case of allergies. It’ll pass, after turning into something like the flu. In the meantime, the televisions have been acting up, mysterious creaking noises coming from them every once in awhile, strange bursts of music or groaning sounds. If you were ill, then your friends will find your dreams being broadcast across the static-y televisions found in the apartments. It’s almost like bonding, if you squint.

D) Off to the sides of the large room where you arrived, there are various hallways. There is also an elevator, leading up to the apartments. If one is so inclined to explore, down one of the hallways they might actually find some real light. It’s filtered through some glass blocks, sure, but there’s even a hint of plant life. It’s almost comforting. Until you turn around and see the spent bullet casings on the ground, surrounding big misshapen piles of leaves. Have fun, kids. #

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Epic Mickey

Date: 2017-02-25 11:35 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] a_budget_issue
a_budget_issue: (budget issue)
[ Oswald has 420 bunny children, this is a piece of cake for him.

Or rather, it should be. His kids don't have wings though. So this is... new. He's trying to wrangle them away from gnawing on a bunch of wires, and is jumping up and stretching his arms to try and catch them from the air. He's not very successful with this, on account of being only around 2 feet tall to begin with. ]

Ya bunnies need ta get away from there! You'll get hurt!


[ He's waddling down the hallways slowly, trying to discover all that needs to be discovered. ]

Someone got shot in here? Hmmmm... I don't like this. I'd almost rather be in Wasteland...


Date: 2017-02-25 11:47 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] magicalpadawan
magicalpadawan: (blue: heee)
[Molly's watching in amusement for a few moment, and heads over to help out.] I dunno if they're exactly bunnies, but yeah, that can't be good for 'em.

Date: 2017-02-25 11:56 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] a_budget_issue
a_budget_issue: (Annoyed)
Well, whatever they are, they gotta stop. This ain't healthy for 'em, wings or not.

Date: 2017-02-26 03:29 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] magicalpadawan
magicalpadawan: (yup i'm a badass)
They look hungry. Is there anything you've seen for 'em to eat?


Date: 2017-03-06 03:03 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] devoveo
devoveo: (wha)
[ Also nearby checking out the large room and cautiously treading each hallway ready for any such thing should it spring out, Sam found his way to the plants where the empty shells lay and heard the talking rabbit. Having already seen animal life speaking english and some such as this fellow upright and wearing clothes, he would gradually settle into accepting that the animated reality he was abducted into was all normal around here. ]

If anyone was shot, [ Sam motioned to the floor, ] we would see evidence of an injury. Did you find any of the bullets?


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